Looking fresh

Alhamdulillah, start a good day today

Feeling satisfied with my emotion, being greeted by a wonderful bright sun with majestic cloud at Pulai, Prof belanja baskin Robbins and I have to finish it all sebab semua pun tak nak. ahha. Nina kan, bab aiskrim mmg laju. Then makan nasi beriani shahab. omg. alhamdulillah. I am so blessful with a lot of nikmat today. Alhamdulillah yaa Allah, wa shukurlillah.

settle with certificates, printing, emailing and everything
plan to eat baskin Robbins and jco tonight with my love

tomorrow plan nak siapkan video, setelkan sijil PBL, siapkan report, buku DIY, meeting transfer knowledge. biiznillah

Hope for a better tomorrow. ameen

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