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3 weeks

well, I guess its over.

but guess whaat? I am still not over it, not yet.
This is the very first time since I fall for someone, and that person didnt even know about what I felt towards him.

I have to believe that everything happens for a reason. Allah have plan the best for me and the mankind. He already have someone and I should accept it with an opem heart. Indeed. I actually feel good to know he already have someone, but deep inside myself, somehow it breaks me.

I never have this kinda feeling, no longer than a week, but this feeling have been going for 3 weeks, ive asked Allah to remove this feeling, but it keep coming. It somehow visit me in my dream. I hate myself for allowing this to happen. It give me hope which never could turn into reality.

I wish I never fall for him, never allow my heart to feel this way. Coz seriously, it hurts. it hurts so much that I dont think I able to open my heart anymore.

KOREA : Nina's Lets Go : Everland-Walking Chair

Its been a while, and i love this moments to the bits.

I do wrote a few post, but i hide it. I guess, i dont have the courage to post it to the public.

ps: I had a crush on someone, and idk how to respond to my own-self. ahah