Sambutan Hari Bumi 2017 in IPG, JB

UTM was invited by Jeromi, former president of EVOLTI, Eco Volunteer Temenggung Ibrahim for Sambutan Hari Bumi. This was the first Sambutan Hari Bumi in Institut Perguruan Temenggung Ibrahim, and they planning to do it annually. Last year, they initiate gotong royong perdana and numbers of activities within their campus.

I was very impressed to know they have around 100-200 volunteers to help and enforce the idea of Save nature among 500 students. They have whatsapp group for the volunteers to report any unhealthy activities by the student or lecturer, where they will snap photo and forward to the administration. Definitely, in IPG there's a lot of mata-mata. So, jaga-jaga when u in IPG and congratulations IPG, I was hoping these kinds of volunteers will be in UTM.

Apart from UTM, notable organisations were invited to celebrate the earth day. SAJ, Yayasan Tzu Chi, SW Corp, J-Biotec, Jabatan Alam Sekitar and IPG Lestari were here. SAJ definitely rocks the exhibition where they brings the sink, TV HD, dream box and amazing boards. Seriously, Miza and I couldn't take off our eyes when they setup their exhibition.
They are very good in exhibitions. Tzu Chi also amazed us with their pro- active volunteers whom always ready to serve all the audience on the activities they did on green revolution. They even brings their media team, record video and speech.

I was given the opportunity to meet Cikgu Hamdan, my former counselling teacher back in SMK Taman Pelangi. He can still remember that my father was policeman. He currently pursuing his Ph.D also. It is nice to meet your teacher and to know he doing great. hopefully he will become pengarah IPG one day.

I wish I can write better. but somehow my writing seems like doing a reports to Dr. Fatin. Hahahaa. da embedded ni dalam my mind to write a report.

like I wanna tell how I go sesat in this IPG, how I realized how big IPG and how I lawan arus coz I dont understand their place at first. but yeahh. its interesting experience for me.

Alhamdulillah, today part of my voyage with IPG seems goods.

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