Rescue Mission

The moment we look into the sky, we would realize how captivating the blue sky is, with the white cotton clouds. Then, we take a small breathe to acknowledge our existence. We open our eyes to witness the greeny trees that soothe our eyes. We hold our hands to notify that, this is reality, and not fantacy. We actually looking into something real, not vague.

In reality, there is so many papers to work with, there's so many issues to deal with, there's so many reports to write for, there's so many drama that you never pay for, and there is you, helpless at the corner of your life, thinking, who am I, what suppose I do with myself.

Often, I keep saying to my very own heart, pull up yourself from the tornado emotion that you created. I guess, at some time, the momentum was too hard, thou it kept turn me upside down. So, I had to fight for myself even harder, trying to figure the best escape plan from the tornado. Calculating the best time and optimum efforts I have to ensure my very own is finally free.

I am now officially free. freeing my mind and my heart from anything that tie me and hold me. I buried my pessimism down deep into the big gigantic ocean. So,it never gets me. never.

And then, I look again into the big blue sky, the greeny green. I realized, I finally found myself, grateful and stronger than ever.

-acah acah nak jadi yasmin mogahed-pfft jauh sgt tu

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