Profiler, profiling

Criminal Minds

This is the only show that really gets me; intellectually and emotionally. It gets me think and understand the human nature, the vast possibilities and abilities human capable of. The psychology of human that unbelievable discover-able. 

The idea of study- the behavior of human can actually help you solve an issues or in this case, murder. The most impact profiling when the crime scene was messy, but the un-sub (Unknown subject of an investigation) was really organized. It definitely contradicts and by only that profiling, they realized, they are looking into the possible copycat unsub or the wrong unsub. Because it is impossible for an organized person to leave a messy crime scene. Because, being organized is somehow a routine that turn into a habit.

In finding the unseb, these agents also had to look into the timeline.  the music the unsub listen should aligned. If they are not, thats mean, this is not the unsub they looking for. 

I love how they, the profiler meticulously profiling anyone involved with the case.Which help me a lot to know the psychology of people in my surrounding. It certainly, does not make you a judgmental person, instead, it help you become empathy to any kind of behavior. 

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