One of a kind, Datuk Dr.

He is the best in ENT in Johor. 

when my sister had some ear issue, where shes suffered so much. This Dr. without any hesitation asked if my sister have some ulcer. Yes, my sister have an ulcer. Never she thought that her ulcer can cause so much pain to her ears. 

Currently, he is juggling between his profession as medical Doctor and businessmen. Somehow he got to sacrifice his work in Johor because he got to travel to Melaka. Nowadays, most likely, he stay in Melaka. Like this morning, once he arrived from Melaka he will go straight to Wisma Maria to treat his patient. 

My mom works here, so she witnessed that most of the patient, even when the Dr. was not around, they willingly to wait, even after we suggest the other ENT specialist, still, they will stick with Dr. Ong because,, he is so good at it. 

my point is, He is good. 

Somehow, I actually want to share my experience with Dr. Ong, somehow, I got malas. ahha

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