Cafe : Overrated or Simply worth it!

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  1. 1.
    a small restaurant selling light meals and drinks.
    synonyms:coffee shop, tea room; More
  2. 2.
    a bar or nightclub.

Some people may prefer library to have their very own time, but not me. I need a place that not that quite and not too noisy. I love to see and observe the nature of human from different walks of life, thus cafe definitely suits me in so many ways.

During my doctoral, i do not really have an income and personally, i never lavish on food. However, i would still choose cafe most of the time. I believe in the power of CHOOSE. Choose your own cafe that suits you, your money, the ambiance.

In UTM vicinity, there are TWO restaurants that close to the Cafe style, which are SDS (Taman Universiti) and Secret Recipe ( Jusco Taman Universiti). I would choose beverages or food. I remember that i will opt for Horfun that cost rm6.80 (at that time), brings my water bottle and stay there for half day to write my thesis. SDS will play evergreen songs that was so peaceful and soothe my mood. Their staff was very friendly and i definitely love their Hor Fun. Sometimes, i would go for chocolate blended. and it boost my motivation to wrote my research methodology. 

To prepare myself for viva, i vividly remember sitting in a couch in Secret Recipe, eat my chocolate indulgence cake while closely read my thesis and check all the words ive wrote. I've find my serenity here. Remember, my students life doesnt really allow me to spend lavishly on food, so ive only spend my money on a cake for a day, just to ensure i have a best place to set my mind straight. 

Well, for me, my motivation to do all the write up may closely relates to food, and yes, cafe play a big role to drive my motivations. 

Thus, even today,i would still opt for cafe to do my works. 

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