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World Today

Date : 28 April 2016I was supremely surprised to read news today. ive know, its been awhile since this issue hits the world. Somehow it struck me deep inside. World today, especially when the stars and celebrities did it proudly. Only god know how. May Allah shower His Everlasting rahmah and blessings to the us and provide us His guidance on whats wrong and right.

oh no.

Not again
my heart beating fast.
real fast this time.
the feeling,
struck me again

this is somehow called as

kuch kuch ho ta hai


grin with smile

I was on my way to UTM this morning.
a lot of things played in my minds. The reason I had too feel stressful and worried is about the coming convocation day. I may not able to graduate, yup. it was because, mybrain did not paid my fee earlier on. So, the only things that allow me to convo is, by settle the fee. However, if I had the money, it may be not so bad. Since I am had a tough time based on all my cimb, maybank and bank islam account. guest what, its only rm20 only in all my bank account. guess how should I act upon the news on my convocation fee. it is a tough call. Since everything was so miserable, I was stressed. while driving in my neighborhood, theres someone riding motorcycle make a funny grining face.. haha. thats really made my day. oh yeah. I always find, it is a pleasantly wonderful to have people make some funny happy face. that will definitely, make me forget the bad day ive had. Alhamdulillah. so yeah. I am happily drive myself to UTM

solat di surau hp

insaf sungguh hati ini.
kadang rasa terhiris.melihat kesungguhan muslimat2 yang tawadduq sangat, fokus dlm membaitkan doa-doa kepada sang ilahi. rasa sungguh pedih bila membandingkan diri yang kadang tidak bersungguh dalam doa. terpukul dengan diri yang kadang gagal untuk menadah tangan. insan muslimat2 yang saya sebutkan tadi, mereka bukanlah bertudung labuh, malah tidak bertudung sama sekali. Tapi melihat kesungguhan mereka mereka ini dalam solatnya, malah membawa anak kecil utk turut sama dalam ruang surau itu, membuat diri terus istigfar dan memuji kebesaranNya.benarlah firman Allah. it is taqwa that define you. it is ur insight and inside that Allah wants from YOU. and it is ALLAH mercy that elevate your decree.