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the word really say it all. seirama
the same rythymlet me get started.
this friendship start in 2008. we know nobody. we were grouped as a batch 19 squad. we barely knew anything and everything. After 8 years. 2016.
hey. the friendship blooms into sisterhood and brotherhood. I cant barely say I know nothing about you all. coz I always mesmerized by the beauty you all had shower me with. So, last week, we were having a small reunion of seirama for viper challenge. it were only few of many. Zati, our mastermind was full of enthusiasm for the viper, and the backbone were maylin, shima, eipa, amnah, dayah and me. Ana and also Atul were part of ojur team. ho yeah.Viper Challenge: Stadium Shah AlamSeirama~
The spirit and motivation that you all had gave me all along. It was crystal clear, the night we spend together under the moonlight. we hold hand in hand, fight the fear inside of us. we challenge ourselves to the sky. we shout out loud to burst the anxiety we had and we pass it with a …

Spread the Love

This was our first big attempt on giving gift on prophet Muhammad birthday.
 i wish i can write more about this. about how we do the flower and bonding time. 
will let u know later k

Ummah Awakening Seminar 2013

It was back at 2013 when we as a team organize this Ummah Awakening Seminar. A mesmerizing experience, where all of us are so keen to participate, work together and make things works in a great way.
i am so in love with this memories.  i wish we can gather up again and make something even beautiful i miss u all 
Well, what ummah awakening seminar really is,  well its to awaken the muslim out there and start doing, start be the muslim with amal and ilmu.