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| now its raining |
when i was kid, i am a big fan of Cinderella story play by Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray.  One of the most favorite line from the movie is
Waiting for u is like~ waiting for rain in the drought
In our school, we being taught that rain is one of a kind to balance our ecosystem. When i grown up, i learn the rain can give so much more 1. its show how amazing this universe is and how the ecosystem works
2. how much the sky value
3. I wondered Who created such a grand design
The sky is the best, it allow the sun to light us with blazing sun, and some other time it shower us with pouring rain. refreshing! Yet we have to admit, sometimes, especially when drought season comes, or lashing rain seem could not stop, we will hope and ask from the supreme creator of this universe.
So, i find, its the best time to make dua and time to reflect ourselves. How small we really is and who created this universe.