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I do not know,
but nowadays,
i easily pissed off

i dont want to blame my PMS
but, i really hate the feeling
sometimes, i really wonder

oh gosh
i hate this feeling
one to another
i feel anoyed with myself
just because one or two incident
that i believe
it should be under controlled.

i guess, i have to read more and more
i miss reading books
i miss reading about the sahabah
how they lead their life

thats why, i seems to lost in the jungle
of nowhere

have to start my anger management class soon
by reading those lovely stars send by Allah to humankind

Ilm fest 2015 : Optimism in times of tribulations

Ilm fest 2015 : Optimism in times of tribulations

Sheikh Waleed Basyouni
Be successful, be blissful
Haiya Ala, falah Allah said in the quran, those who succes in the hell fire~ succes Succes kabeer , save from hellfire and attain paradise
Principle of succes, Use it as tools, succes in this life and hereafter.
Succeeds as parents, spouse, daughter, businessman, students, life, I would like to see u all as a community society, We want progress to continue,
As well success in the relationship with Allah, pursue religious Sufyan at thauree- kufah, Abu bakr of sidiq in his time, he did qiyamulalil, every night, enjoy doing so.
You can be discourage or u can be inspire by your failure Don't see something as evil, please see through the good, So u can pass the hardship, the beautiful gift from Allah
1.Work hard. He gives us gift through hardship.
The hardship means to strengthen us It does not meant for us to be weaken,
Workhard, tear the muscle, then it will grow, yes it is awful experience, but u…