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Althought i never saw his face

This song reflect me so much

and u just have to think that,
all the deeds that uve been doing, 
have his part with u
it just show that he is there with u all the time
when u feel so lost, so deeply hurt
hes been there,

O rasulullah saw.

You are our inspiration.

please, please, do recognize me in the yaumul qiyamah.
my mother, my father, my sisters, and my acquaintance 

O yaAllah, allowed us to be gather with rasulullah saw 
gather all my family, friend, teacher and allows us to be forgiven for all the sins that we have do it all these while.

Although i never saw his face

Although I never saw his face
So beautiful bestowed with grace
My heart just yearns to be like him
Although I never saw his face
The Sunnah of the Prophet I will embrace
Prayers and blessing I pour onto him
Although I never saw his face
He loved the children and the old 
Gave his heart to every soul
Nursed the sick and served the poor
Fed the hungry at his door
Loved the creatures tame and wild
Comforted the orphan child