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Konferense: Bahasa Inggeris atau bahasa melayu

Adakah memilih medium yang menyajikan bahasa inggeris adalah satu kesalahan?

kerana meraskan pilihan itu dibuat atas
1. kita mengagungkan bahasa inggeris
2. kita meraskan bahasa inggeris lebih baik
3. kita merasakan yang bahasa inggeris 'seems educated'
4. kita merasakan orang yang berbahasa inggeris macam/memang 'educated'

mungkin betul, mungkin tidak.

tapi itu tidak boleh dijadikan jawapan paling kukuh' untuk kita menolak atau merasakan ketidak perluan kita untuk belajar dari speaker-speaker dari luar malaysia. Malah itu bukan alasan yang paling baik untuk kita tidak belajar dari mereka yang mempunyai keahlian-kepakaran dalam sesuatu bidang.

Berkait secara tidak langsung, ia juga tidak boleh dijadikan alasan untuk kita menolak bahasa melayu dan merasakan tiada kepentingan untuk belajar agama melalui medium bahasa melayu

bagi saya, hal ini kerana setiap orang mempunyai latar berbeza, dan kita dijadikan mempunyai minat dan cara tersendiri untuk berinteraksi dalam…

Itu Ini Begitu Begini

Credit to Aiman Azlan for lettin us know bout this song,
A very good song i must say. been reaching those out there. if they really listen closely to what have been singing and raping 
i always feel overwhelmed by altimet, noh hujan, aizat--  they fast together ++
i keen to hear song from VE on ayu being turn into Agung

Lirik Lagu Itu Ini Begitu Begini –Mirwana & Altimet
(INTRO): Kau membisik, Kau memanggil, Cuba mengheretku ke ruang fantasi, Bicaramu menggoda, Semua bagai indah, Hanya madah sia-sia, Racun berbisa..
Itu ini begitu begini, Beza persepsi di sana-sini, Cara dia dan cara mereka, Masing-masing punya citarasa, Itu ini begitu begini, Gosip sensasi di sana-sini, Kisah dia cerita mereka, Tak peduli benar atau dusta..
Aku merenung ke luar tingkap Memikirkan masa aku yang kian singkat Merancang usaha aku yang perlu ditingkat Terkenang masa lalu yang lebih ringkas. Pesanan ringkas di alat komunikasi, Bisik belakang lagi gosip sensasi Dulu geli hati pernah…

My Response on 'scholars from all over give lecture in Malaysia'

'i am shy-NAK'. its up to how u read it. rather humble statement or u choose to take it as a sarcastic. for me, it is very humble statement, 
He speaks urdu, he learns it. pernah taw tak ape AIM NAK
kenapa kami memilih untuk hadir di lecture sbegini-----  ini bukan soal, lecture kat malaysia tak best , ini bukan soal men'down'gradekan lecture di malaysia, tapi ini perihal lecture dr luar lebih dekat dihati,lebih sesuai dengan konteks dari yang muda hingga ke tua. purification of soul, tazkiyatun nafs, aqeeda come first before the do and donts... 
bahkan cube lihat tentatif dan topik yang dibincang-diulas,,, malah lebih dapat mendekati non muslim yang berjinak2 untuk kenal islam...kalo boleh, jemput datang, and feel what we feel, .. 
sekarang da banyak konferens yang dijalankan di malaysia, tak kurang hebatnya, malah sama hebat, barisan asatizah K-FIQH,,Dr Asri, Ustaz Hasrizal, bro Shah kirit. dan banyak lagi... juga konferens dari Langit Ilahi, One Heart Creative Solu…


As people are keep posting about a wonderful and amazing sharing by  dr.Fatin Aliah Phang on Surat At-takathur.
about our life, how we are so delusional about the dunya and we are so far from believing and have faith about the day death reach us. 
and we all tend to forget that all the ni'mat that Allah been showering us - will be asked on the day on resurrection.
Astagfirullah. lets seek refuge from Allah. Lets change ourself. Let set our goal
*Ini kalilah 
and the surah will reflect us on
1. The rat and race of dunya. the way we are so delusional and PROUD with the beauty, the knowledge. wealth, status that we have. Which. it wont go far- until the day we enter our grave.
2. The KNOW<BELIEVE<FAITH on the WILL of ALLAH *As Sheikh Hamza Yusof mention that we are all death until we realize we should detach from the keen to the dunya. thats when we are alive. *The story of archer-shoot apple on ur head
3. KNOWLEDGE- is light.  *Quote from Imam Ghazali and the robbers *quote f…

A good friend of mine

U've never know how i really treasure this friendship by Allah.

“… dan (Allah سبحانه و تعالى ) Dia-lah Yang mempersatukan hati mereka (orang-orang yang beriman). Walaupun kamu membelanjakan semua (kekayaan) yang berada di bumi, niscaya kamu tidak dapat mempersatukan hati mereka, akan tetapi Allah telah mempersatukan hati mereka. Sesungguhnya Dia Maha Perkasa lagi Maha Bijaksana.” (QS. Al-Anfaal [8] : 63)

Wallahi, uhhibbuki fillah, abadan abada, wa fi jannah

The trusted friend of mine,
The sweetest friend of mine

She listen to me, when i am in devastated.
She soothen me up, when i cries.
She helps me, when i am down.
She advise me, what goods and whats not

She always be there even our distance is miles away.
She is lovely and smile whenever i see her.
She is very good listener, Indeed. a really good ones

I ve never heard anyone talk bad about her. NEVER
only the goods. and perhaps. coz shes never talk bad about others.

She have the quality of women that always inspire me.

Shes bea…

Total Loss

Uve never realize the importance and how significance anything/someone/something, until u lose it
That makes me ponder, all this while, i am being assist by my spectacles, rain and shine, until it crash yesterday. And I'm at loss. Couldn't see anything as what I've used to. 

How ungrateful I am with my sighted.
It makes me think, if Allah accompany me thru ups and down, suddenly He left me, ( nauzubillah min zalik).. But WHAT IF, 
I think it would be my TOTAL LOSS.
I hope, i would never forget How Allah always been there for me every seconds in my life, providing me with my needs, family, shelter, friend, foods, education, clothing,,,,
Incase I forget, hope that I'll remember that He is very close to us all (Surah qaf) 
i do hope, I never WILL cut my rope with Allah, and I hope to be even grateful servant...
coz I am afraid, it might be too late before I realize that it is over.
And I am all the grave. Feeling hopeless.
Ainul Yaqeen..  surah at-takathur

Monkey and the end of this world

one fine day

While I was heading to my motorcycle, with my sweater and bag in my hand 
There are lots of monkey at the parking lot in my college....For UTM, students, we all aware that, KDSE college is like the "theme park" for the monkeys...
as I walk pass them! And saying shoo.. Hoping they will allow me to pass by,
Nope, it didn't goes well as what Ive predict, they monkey grin scarily andrun after me..

Without realizing, I just throw away everything in my hand and starts run off...
I just want to save myself from them...
Having to encounter such scene trigger me about the day of qiyamah.. When the world ends.
By the mercy of Allah, he give me some opportunities to see how disastrous that day will be.
If it happen to be, the grinning of ONE monkey (an anger one) able to make me run without having a second thought, What about when the worlds end.
May Allah protect us all and hopefully we didn't encounter such...
I do afraid, am I ready to face…

Telekung, are we really care about it?

<<How much we appreciate the use of telekung, or our attire upon to meet The Almighty.>>

Last week, we have mualaf motivation camp for AIP which was held in hutan rekreasi UTM

After Fajr prayer, theres one mualaf sister kept her 'telekung' inside my friend car before we went to balai cerap.

in the middle of the program my friend excuse herself, coz she got to go for walimah and forget that the telekung is still in her car. After she realized on the issue, my friend called me and asked me to tell the sister that shes really sorry.

and what impress me much is

that sister really worry, eventhough she knows that she can pray without the telekung (as she did covered herself)

Still, shes saying on how much she need her telekung, her face showing she is worry so much so, that makes me feels overwhlemed by her attitude towards her attire to meet Allah . She saying how much telekung is value to her to perform solah.

and how much we value ours?

alhamdulillah, she gettin back her te…

double standard: are we?

Ever wonder the migration of prophet saw and his beloved companions to yathreeb.
Well, they did migrate. They did rule yathreeb.
If only, the yathreeb people asked and question the haq of muhajirin that come over to their land.
Ansaris, their haq obviously are theirs.
They won't even gave place food and even empathy for the muhajirin,
who are muhajirin to be served so special?
A mother gave her son to prophet saw, some willingly to divorce her wife to the muhajirin,
I believe, if the Ansaris are ignorance enough to fight for their haq
There will be no Daulah for Islam,
We won't able to find the sweetness of Islam,
Pernah dengar Rasulullah saw mempertikaikan kehadiran salman alfarisi.. Sebab die bangsa Farsi.hurm.??
Mcm tak pernah, malah meraikan salman.
Indahnya Islam, kerana tidak mamandang pada bangsa, apatahlagi warna kulit.
Moga kita semua mencuba menjadi insan yang bertaqwa.
Kerana Allah memandang Taqwa buk…

Tajweed: does it really matter?

Apa yang saya belajar dari kelas Tajweed. bende paling simple, yet sangat best.
kita diajar untuk berlapang dada menerima teguran. belajar untuk terima yang kita tidak selalunya betul

kadang kita rase kita sebut huruf ق da cukup betul 20 kali ulang. erm, betulla aku sebut. konon rase da cukup sifat qalqalah. dah cukup sifat istia'ala
sekali cikgu tajweed ckp salah, lidah blakang lagi, blakang lagi aku: dah cukup blakang da. tak boleh boleh lagi nak blakang ni dr. fatin (cikgu tajweed) berpuluh kali jugak dok ulang untuk betulkan.
tapi bile berpeluang mengajar tajweed  baru paham apa yang dimaksudkan dengan sebutan ق yang tidak cukup sempurna. baru tahu kat mana salahnya. baru boleh melihat dengan kaca mata berbeza 
(tapi bila da blaja huruf ق, still kene betulkan huruf ض) well, proses belajar kan.  nama pun proses
jom belajar tajweed, sebab belajar tajweed melatih kita untuk bersabar apabila ditegur, belajar untuk perbaiki diri.
best gile, belajar makhraj, belajar sifat, belajar …

This Ramadhan : What have u prepared?

i am speechless.  the ramadhan is close by. i am afraid yet very thrilled enough Allahumma balighna fi ramadhan. have u prepare yourself? what game will u be playing in the month. sleeping all over the day eat all night along shopping for hari raya
 donate every penny of urs, everyday attend lecture perfecting our solah ready early for solat have a beautiful words make ur brother or sister smiling do solatut-tahajud and qiyam feed the poor give charity guard our tongue reciting quran all over understand the quran finishing book and unfinished list.
Lets do this
biiznillah inshaAllah

check this out what if this is my last ramadhan
previously ,this is my post on ramadhan, 

and it just make me remember brother saeed. May Allah preserve him and unite him with the loved ones in the day of judgement  and may he is in the Jannatul Firdaus with prophet Muhammad saw.
Alluma ameen

25 Rules of being close to Allah SWT =)

25 Rules of being close to Allah SWT =)

1. Start off each day with 'adhkaar al-istiyqaadh' (waking up Supplications), thanking Allah for waking up in good shape.

2. Put Allah first in your life.

3. Broaden your horizons - learn 5 new verses from the Quran every day, travel to pray far in the mosque to brighten your day,take up a booklet having supplications and read them.

4. Pray Salaat Al-dhuhaa (after sunrise).

5. If someone says something mean ;to you, just shrug it off and dismiss it in a friendly, laidback manner, and pray that Allah shall forgive them.

6. When you get angry, remember Allah, and how short and worthless life is to waste in being Angry.

7. Remember that you can never have too many friends, but you can have few quality friends that help you fulfill the purpose of your creation (i.e. live for Allah).

8. When you're happy, try to share your happiness with others. Thank Allah for that, and pray its continuation.

9. When something bad or embarrassi…

The Fear that i had

I never know that I always have the 'fear/terror' almost in everything. Even in my studies.

Fear to meet my sv, fear of writing my thesis,fear of my own result,
This forbid me taking any action, because I am too afraid of the outcome. Afraid because knowing myself ain't do anything good.
And I never realize on the issue until the last few weeks where I have to submit my draft. I am late and I was too afraid to meet him. I ask Allah to help me, because I didn't have any courage to do so. La hawla wala quwatailla billah.
Alhamdulillah I manage to send the draft. Eventhough I know my draft simply worst than my other teammates, at least I manage to conquer the fear. It's all about how take action and to conquer over the fear 
However, there's a lot more to come in order to not petrified over this issue.

Make dua that we all can realize the fear that we had and manage it well. Allahuma ameen.
Last evening, I was given the opportunities to meet the VC of INTI university for…

Thermodynamics in PF

My plasma focus that i work in,  revolve in the idea of thermodynamics [The Lee model code couples the electrical circuit with plasma focus dynamics, thermodynamics,  and radiation, enabling a realistic simulation of all gross focus properties] Lee 2010
As stated above, it is been known that  Lee code already consist of the thermodynamics, dynamics and radiation. but where does this information really? The current
The current discharge in the plasma focus have all the information needed for your research, that is why we really need to have current fitting for analysis and the crucial part in the process of validation data.
the data can be validate if we fit the measured current with the computed current profiles
basically, what does the thermodynamics really meant Thermodynamics is a branch of physics concerned with heat and temperature and their relation to energy and work. It definesmacroscopic variables, such as internal energy, entropy, and pressure, that partly describe a…

Interesting on why Plasma Focus

Why suffer yourself to use plasma focus where u have a number of medium to produce high energy

Hi guys, I am a close follower of the Focus Fusion initiative and also other approaches working to unleash the tremendous energies entrapped in the nuclei of atoms. Not being a particle physicist, I would like to throw a question to the forum: how come all fusion experiments and ideas revolve around high energy plasma?
Obviously, you need energy to overcome the electrostatic repulsion of the nuclei for them to fuse, but why does that mean having both reagents at high energy? As an example of what I am asking, consider this: why would not just shooting high energy protons down a crystalline boron shaft release enough energy (mainly thermal) to sustain the original proton accelerator?
Would the crystalline boron shaft need to be as long as the Earth? Or be as sphere as big as the Earth? Would the proton accelerator waste too much energy? I would appreciate your thoughts, please don’t be too na…



Jangan menilai orang dari rupanya. Karena Rasulullah saw melihat si pendek tak menawan iaitu sahabat beliau Saidina Julaybib r.a dikejar - kejar oleh para bidadari syurga. 
Berilah kesempatan seseorang untuk berubah. Karena seseorang yang hampir membunuh Rasul pun kini terbaring disebelah makam beliau iaitu Saidina Umar Al Khattab..
Jangan melihat seseorang dari masa lalunya. Seseorang yang pernah berperang melawan agama Allah pun akhirnya menjadi pedang-nya Allah(saifullah) iaitu Saidina Khalid Ibnu Walid.  Jangan memandang orang dari status dan hartanya. Karena sepatu emas fir'aun pun berada di neraka, sedangkan sandal lusuh Saidina Bilal bin Rabah kedengaran langkahnya di syurga  Subhanallah.... 

life aint easy thou

Okay, because i am so in love writing in my blog rather than my thesis.
i shall turn the table.

i might written it here.

Just now, Prof Chandran form UNITEN visited us and we have some discussion on plasma focus.

Amazing prof he is. as he could remember what hes been doing backs in almost two decades

he enlighten us on what we should do.

i was mentioning on acceleration mechanism
and he suggesting me a tonnes of work that i have to do by NOW, at least UNDERSTAND and not simply use it without have a proper understanding. especially when u used the equation

1. Understand about the time domain, on how the interaction

did u know, how the frequency, how long dos it takes to focus, pinch??
how many MHz your frequency, what can u study from the frequency and on

2. To understand so, u need to understand on how the electron transport mechanism
(mechanism is a process) what happen inside, the ambipolar diffusion inside.

incollabrate with MHD, but in the lee code, it follow on Fluid dynamics 1D o…


Islamic Jurisprudence 

By  Sheikh Yahya Adel Ibrahim

Imam Ibn Qudamaah says in al-Umdah
كتاب الصيام Book of Fasting

يجب صيام رمضان على كل مسلم بالغ عاقل قادر على الصوم،

Fasting in Ramadan is mandatory upon every sane adult Muslim who is capable of fasting (1)

ويؤمر به الصبي إذا أطاقه،

A child should be ordered to fast when he can tolerate it (2)

ويجب بأحد ثلاثة أشياء كمال شعبان، ورؤية هلال رمضان، ووجود غيم أو قتر ليلة الثلاثين يحول دونه،

Fasting becomes mandatory upon the occurrence of one of the following three things: the completion of thirty days of Sha’ban, the sighting of the crescent (hilaal) of Ramadan, or the presence of clouds on the night of the thirtieth of Sha’ban that prevents its sighting. (3)

وإذا رأى الهلال وحده صام،

If one Muslim alone sees the crescent, he should fast.(4)

فإن كان عدلاً صام الناس بقوله ولا يفطر إلا بشهادة عدلين، ولا يفطر إذا رآه وحده،

And if he is trustworthy, people should fast based on his statement١ and they should not break the fast …