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what u really see in person?

when people able to look into your heart theydont care much on the outside.
but to reach that state. i never know when where and will it be?
but just show your inner beauty slightly it will erase your 'not so beauty outside'

Wednesday is my day.

doesthis people do PhD to eventually find this to be so true.

wow, it does amaze me. :)

verbal communication, very strong on doing it tunggang langgang. ahha

HasbunaAllah wa ni;mal wakeel.

Now it is my tough time

Nasyid "Hasbunallah - Yoga Al'Ghazali ft Ajeng" 

Hasbunallah wani'mal wakil Ni'mal maula wani'mal nasir Hasbunallah wani'mal wakil Ni'mal maula wani'mal nasir

Ku coba renungi semua Detik waktu yang telah berlalu Mengisahkan pedih di hati Menyinar keangkuhan diri

Hasbunallah wani'mal wakil Ni'mal maula wani'mal nasir Hasbunallah wani'mal wakil Ni'mal maula wani'mal nasir

Ku coba sandarkan jiwa Hanya pada Allah semata Hingga rasa bebanpun sirna Seluruh hati serahkan pada-Nya

Hasbunallah wani'mal wakil Ni'mal maula wani'mal nasir Hasbunallah wani'mal wakil Ni'mal maula wani'mal nasir

Oooooo..... Cukuplah Allah sebagai penolong Dan sebaik-baik pelindung Oooooo..... Cukuplah Allah sebagai penolong Dan sebaik-baik pelindung

Hasbunallah wani'mal wakil Ni'mal maula wani'mal nasir Hasbunallah wani'mal wakil Ni'mal maula wani'mal nasir

Hasbunallah wani'mal wakil

How to know your life have a quality or not?

The quality of your life is highly depended on how you ensuring the quality of your prayer.

it summarize everything.
the quality of your seconds, minutes, ur day, ur month and the whole year being treasure.
it is all start with

your Prayer.
your subuh prayer.

catchy and so love it

i was waiting for his song. his official one
and i never thought this one really catch my heart.
You Are The One - Lyrics:
I thought of this before over a million times
Who would've ever thought that it would be our time?
I just know it, 'cause you're the one
It ain't a selfish love, when I'm with you
You remind me of Allah, and so I know it's true
I'll just say it: you are the one

Won't you be my BFF (best friend forever) and ever?
Won't you be my partner after this world?
We'll see it, when we believe it together
Dreams are meant to be, 'cause you're the one for me

I never thought that I would ever feel this way
I ask Allah to bless you every single day
I'll just say it, 'cause you're the one
And when times are tough, and we've got the world to see
Standing right beside you is where I want to be
I just know it: you are the one


I prayed about this just over a million times
Who would ever thought that I could …

My personal view on ILMFEST 2014

all praises to Allah swt, As He allows me and my friends to be gather in such a blessed event  #ilmfest#ilmfest2014#mercy2mankind no word can describe how much this conferense really meant to me, i believe all of the students of knowledge will just feel the same.
Mind blowing, EXTREMELY amazing, the garden of ilm, the festival of knowledge, everyone gather for the same reason, they are thirst for ilm, they want to change, they want to purify their hearts, they want to be a better muslim, mu'min, muhseen, they want to LOVE our prophet saw even more and more. they want to love the sunnah , the deen.this event cover the best wisdom ever in every aspect possible. leaderhip,politic, issues, how to revive, youth, women, husband, busineess, seerah, marriage, friend and as individual.
WaAllahi, this is is a MUST go event, if u are in Malaysia,  please please please consider to attend such blessed event a lot coming more, inshaAllah.
the scholars of islam, they didnt just con…

Collected pearl and gem from ilmfest2014

With this i put all together some of the gems being shared by using #ilmfest
Barakallahu feek to the masyakh, scholars, volunteers and those who attend this amazing event.
i benefit a lot from u all

My notes a re also available, u can just scroll down all my notes label as ilmfest

Aishah M Nasarruddin
I was unable to stay until the very end but alhamdulillah, so many gems and reminders nevertheless. These are the ones that I find very beneficial and what I needed most:
1. On character: Rasulullah s.a.w used to treat other people as if they are the most beloved by the prophet (Dr. Reda Bedeir). 2. On criticising spouse: Doing it with hikmah - When Rasulullah s.a.w was upset with Aishah r.a regarding her comments about Khadijah r.a, he didn't direct his anger towards Aishah or criticise her for her mistake, instead he brought up the virtues of Khadijah (Sh Omar Suleiman). 3. On revival: We have all the resources- wealth, strategic location, youth, but we are going nowhere.

The tree of eeman ~Sheikh yasir qadhi

(SYQ) The tree of eeman
Sheikh yasir qadhi

16 Mei 2014
kompleks karangkraf

Honest hardworking best in akhlaq, smile, cheerful, malaysian student, humble

Islam spread without any paksaan, gun, no army, not ghazwah.

Heart are pure, without any hesitation embrace message , the pure heart attracted to that message,


Tree of faith, metaphors, symbol, image, Ibrahim:24.
Give the example of the kalimah toyyiba, laillahhalillahallah , as a beautiful tree,
Have u not seen, Allah made the example

Brach towering the sky, majestic tree.

Tree giving its fruit for every season, so that they can think and analyze thinks about the majestic tree, laallahum, ya tazakkarun

What is symbol of tree , why being compared with tree,
What do you need tree,

Oxygen. Photosynthesis
The building block of existence,
U cannot breathe without iman, fundamental basic of spirituality is laillahhalillahallah

Comfort protection, hot, rain, take the wood, make our home
Iman and laillahhali…

laws of the leadership~ Sheikh Muhammad al shareef

(SMA) 22 laws of the leadership
Sheikh Muhammad al shareef
How things are led Pick up from book We are loving for the past year
1. Law of the ability roof Is you, it is still u Your project can only go as far as your own ability will allow
Where your sad bringing u too,  Sad get nothing done, but u are creative thinker
What are u 1. Good thinker 2. Good at delegate thins 3. Busy bees. Execute do with Ihsan
Any good things that u want to be happen, has to be done in a team Allah created with strength and weaknesses Must be in team In order thinks to work
Financially instable then this  Ur project can only grow if u grow
Musa, go to firaun, musa said, wa akhi haruun, is better speaker, he immediately seek assistance from Allah He does not saying he gonna do by himself
O Allah grant victory Islam with one of the two umar
2. Laws of the mic When u dak up, do the people listen, When u ask them to stand up, do they stand,  It's about influencing other
Abu  zarr  ask May I become the lea…

catostrophy~ Sheikh Abu eesa

(SAE) 21 catostrophy
Sheikh Abu eesa

Rasulullah saw perform hajj

Too many clues
Reveal suratun nasr
When we get the Surah we rocignise the coming event

Soon rasulullah saw become ill
Now, if ill, we take it so light , coz they are medicine
But at that time, fever can cause death

So, if only u knew the pain that I have

He will faint, but he will obey the obligation of his wife.
Where I am tommorow,
The burning of ten men, two, the heat

Sit in the water to make sure his fever going down

Suffering at this time, and the fever
Never ever feel that is ok

Five days before zul hijrah
Unconscious in the morning
First second third time faint
Cold in zuhr

Abd Rahman ibnu awf,
Decided to leave everything to go rasulullah saw

He addressed the people,
The advice that he gave
Be on time, but that slave chose the akhirat

Said al khudri
What does he means, Abu bakr start to cry

May my mother and my father,, this does not need to happen
If I was to take Khalil, other than Allah, I will ta…

the worshiper~ Sheikh kamal elmakki

(SKM) 20 the worshiper
Sheikh kamal elmakki

He only pray two rakaat, don't ask about how long that we're, how excellent that we're

We cannot enjoy the focus

Training ourselves pushing ourselves to the
Improve the way we worship Allah taala
Jihadun nafs I, force myself, for over forty years until i can find comfort in solah
Coolness of his eyes

Try one year and give up
40 years pushing himself. It really about training, pushing himself
Fight at work
Rough day,
And u pray, and that how rasulullah saw did.
Rush to the solah,

Why and how was it,no bilal, comfort us with the salah,
And he find comfort in it,

Sleep ur body rest, so u won't get tired
But when we sleep too longm we tell our firmed,

How Abdullah ibnu zubair, because he doesn't move
Ibrahim Adham
Suffian, Maghrib until isha, sujood.

Salah make him comfortable and enjoy
How he can make rakaat for so long

There is no calamity
When u asr, remember what u recite,
First rakaat, and second rakaah,
Test urself, the…

the love for him~ Sheikh Omar suleiman

(SOS) 19 the love for him
Sheikh Omar suleiman

Everyone has philosophy , something has to continue
Yunus warn them the punishment of Allah

The people become more arrogance,
They destroy and become aggressive

And he left his people, as they see the sky, they ask forgiveness

By the time, cloud coming,
Nuh, thrown overboard.
Plant in the bottom of
The darkness of the ocean
Imagine where Yunus as is,
And he heard making tasbeeh
Making position of sujud

I never online call you in the state of fish stomach

No believer face hardship except Allah remove the hardship remove from him,
Yunus dua laillahhalillahallah anta SubhanAllah inni kuntu minal zolimin

Maanta, u are not crazy. Yunus alaih I salam stomach of that

Allah is independent, don't need rasul, rasul is a favour to us, so that we can have example,

No, 1.
A believer never should not left to his own decission making
Otherwise u will fail

The plan of Hijra will spoilt, if u abandon Allah

Don't give up on your people

Aisha ra, wa…

the lesson from Taeef ~Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed

(UYM) 18 the lesson from Taeef
Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed

Learn when u go from that place
One theme is across the boards
Can walk can't walk
The people face Kaaba doing tawaf saie

We are the poor to Allah
It's even hard for u to take the breathe,
In a crowd, we are so poor, to be able to take another step, breathe
Because he is the rich,Allahu

He loss two of the beloved , die at close time
The support
He is become easily down
He lost her and Abu talib

He goes taif to find that support

Not only leader refuse to help him, even the kids throw stone at him
He is in the state of loss,
When he leave, he makes powerful dua

By igniting his weakness to Allah
In hardship,mu shouldn't complain when u gone into hardship
Complaining about Allah, complaining to Allah

He is admitting his own poverty in front of Khaliq
And he needs Allah

As long as u do not displeased with me, I don't mind.

Ten years being mistreated struggle, losing his wife and uncles

The kids mourn him an…

The husband~ Sheikh Yasir Qadhi

(SYQ) 17 The husband
Sheikh Yasir Qadhi

Prophet saw as role model husband
How exactly we can manifest from Rasululah saw

Somehow, it is should be avoided. .. Nu uh. How u gonna learned
Which Hollywood that not gonna teach u to be perfect husband,

Of him being

The Hereafter~ Sheikh Reda bedier

(SRB) 16 The Hereafter
Sheikh Reda bedier

Abdullah ibnu masud
Recite Surah nisa.41 and it has impacted rasulullah saw,
He was cried u will be testified

Situation in the day of judgement
He was so concern about us and about akhirat

Are we concern about our akhirat
Rasulullah saw life is a clear testimony that he wants after more than he wants dunya

He used to live in his room
Straw mat

Umar start to cry
Abu bakr come from his house, ther is no food, then see umar, he don't have anything to eat

Why are u out of the house, it is the same reason, with u all
Of he wants Allah can give him gold as much as the uhud, but he didn't want

Guest is rasulullah saw and offer his food

By the one who
Allah will ask about the bless

Are we thankful to Allah,

We are one of two
Either we concern about dunya, or we by akhirat
Choose from now, where we want it be

Zaid inni tsabit
Anyone who concern dunya
Allah wi
He needs more, and it will beat nothing what's I the dunya

What's the differen…

The Shyness ~Sheikh Abdul Bary yahya

(SHY) 15 The Shyness
Sheikh Abdul Bary yahya

The society  without
The people without shyness is the worst of people

If you are not shy, u do wheat ever u please

Shyness, of u don't have it , we become animal

People sleep with each other, in the road,

We forget that the most shy of this ummah was not a women
It was prophet saw
And uthman ra

And shyness is very beautiful
Islam respect women shyness also

When women is also asked for a hand in marriage
Her approval is her silence

It goes across his nature.if u say yeaaaah... She will sure silence, naturally  shyness.

Be quiet,
Islam respect women shyness, in the part of women

Women is respected
That's is why she is protected

We raise the status of women
When was the last time we leave queen travel alone, wows
We protect her chasity' in the time of travel

Iman faith is
And shyness is kne of the branches of eeman
Defining attribute and characteristic of this ummah

Defining traits
Defining characteristic of Islam is hay…

The description ~Sheikh Ahsan Hanif

(SAH) 14 The description
Sheikh Ahsan Hanif

Sahih Muslim
Why are u sitting together
We've come to them the favor of Allah....
Swear by Allah that the only reason u sat here

We come together to remember the blessing of Allah that guide us into Islam
Do u swear by Allah that the on,y reason why u come together

I make u oath of Allah, then indeed Allah boost about u with his angel
We are here
To remember the blessing of allah, ummah of prophet saw

Embodied of our love, how u show, how u act
Have we reach that level of love

If u want to love truly, u must know them

Would sacrifice their love for the children
So when it comes to the prophet saw,
Do we know about prophet saw,
How he sit, how he walk, how he eats and drinks, how he,
His children name,

How we know, from the tops of our hands,

They love u so much
They love so profound theupy use to count his white hair

How u spent how u read study just to spent moment with him, even u can come from far to see him

Who they come first when a…