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crying crying crying

i dont even know, how i overcome the hardship during SPM, Matriculation and Degree.
What i know, the last struggle that i find so beautiful in it ~is only during PMR

the rest, i dont even know, how i manage to survive.

and i dont really remember what i am studying during UPSR, well, i did some tuition, and i love math still hatin science. my math teacher, Pn Koh is super awesome, shes really legend.
"balik rumah tanam anggur' 'malu saja' ahha, thats her way of delivering some thought on us,

i love the way i fight myself during PMR,

i was so into the books, i could make myself woke up early in the morning, just to find myself doing so much exercises on History, Geography subject, trying my best to answer the question correctly and have good mark for it

Earlier on, history is total disaster for me, i dont like it, maybe because at that time, my teacher didnt show whats make history so lovable, until Cikgu Fadzly came by and show the other sid…

Plasma Focus : Drive me crazy

When i read all these stuff on plasma focus, corona model  my eyes slowly get lazy, and i am thinking to take a nap. but i know, it just merely another 'alasan' to be 'malas' so, as matter of facts, been ages since i write in this blog.
well, since my english makin teruk. not to mention my BM pun teruk. as said by my sister. nak tak nak.  i have to do something though .write.
Okay, what is actually corona.
as whats in the book, Industrial plasma engineering
Corona sometimes reffered to unipolar discharge. A phenomenon of Townsend dark discharge which occurs in the regions of high electric field near to sharp points, edges or wires in the electrically stressed gases prior to the point of electrical breakdown.
how does it relate to plasma focus field???
if the coronal currents are relatively high, technically it can be known as glow discharge.  which visible to our eyes.
still not answering my question. sigh.
lets say.  this is wrote by Shan Bing, Thesis, NTU
Corona mod…

Get up

Some people might know how i stress out due to my writing process
but to add to this issue. marriage is also one of my concern
And I can't say how much it affects me and make me so unproductive.
i am aware and it is obviously a great jihadunnafs for me, a battle that i must fight with

i am demotivated and discourage.
So far that I am concerned, I am a person whom prefer to motivate myself.
But to the point, I lost the words to my own self

so, alhamdulillah, Allah, gave me the thought, so that i could meet people and discussing on this issue.
READ, help but sometimes, u need feedback.
thus, discussing this issue with the trusted one. inshaAllah flourishing some solution

I met my ex-naqibah, well she will always be my naqibah somehow.
i ask her how to avoid this 'sweetie pie' feeling, the feeling that totally make u feels love is in the air
The feeling of worry, hopeless of probabilities, not getting any spouse.

And, I talk to kak Hana, the person that always comes with pearls and…

Bicara ikon Aiman Azlan...

Bicara ikon

Aiman Azlan... Test ur love Is Allah really ur first love
U are married While hold hands Azan And it is
What ugonna do
Rasulullah saw Hadith...  As if there not knowing one another
Verse quran mention about ur wife is test for u
It can be other... I phone, mother, tv.. Imagine real one
Extreme exercise
One side with another.. Rasulullah saw with ur loved one
I have a gun.. And shoot only option, I will shoot one..
It is a mental exercise to see how u put ur love..
By love to rasulullah saw, it's show how deep is ur love to Allah It cannot be separated..
Choose.. Choose only one.. 

Albaqarah.. At taubah.... I'll be tested ... Realitynya
Silakanbercinta if usucces the love to Allah dan Rasul Perasaanbercinta allowed Activities only after marriage
To the extended when u I front of people of to the crowd.. U tend to be suci
After marriage.. The ullsee.. The real one
We have to admit because
Kelebihandisyukuri Kekurangandiredhai
The keys of marriage
Maqam.. Ber…

Tof.sheikh ala

Tof.sheikh ala

There is only one king in the castle, only one queen.
Be a first class lady and never be the second class man

To have driver license. To read the book n pass the test.
Very difficult to take driver license and u want to spoil it?

Computer theory, throw in the ocean, swim baby swim.
Take course, how did u handle the computer, I can't leave without it, they lady understand the language

Do ur homework, need to understand
Men look at the bigger picture
Women look into the detail

Rule is simple
Turn the table,
Brother, be detail in appreciation, be grateful
We take it for granted.


3x3 drhabib

A.Father/mother figure
C. Child figure
B. child/mother father figure

A. Mother father figure.. Caring looking serving,
B. child figure, what they want is the mother father figure, turn the conversation back to himself

C.father mother figure,, it's not important what I want, it's Urs

Marries who like to give and receive


How to start ur life with the sunnah of rasululla…

Are u a grateful servants

Are u a grateful servants

All praise belong to Allah, our ears that being allows to hear different sound, dialect, for our balance, allows us to listen bout Allah, all praisesbelongs to him.

 To celebrate the life of prophet, reviving the methodology of the best person who walks in the earth

Aisha Hadith, sahih Muslim,
Standing long hours in prayer, worshiping Allah ththe beloved feet who have swollen

On prophet of Allah, make us the people of the excellence
Being grateful yo Allah is part of our eeman

Recognizing the blessing, whom kind to us
Grateful with our tongue, body heart
, alhamdulillah, prayer, worship increase, the quality increase

Complete ways to b grateful to the blessing that Allah have shower upon us, gift after gift, the sleeping, so that we could become more attachto Allah

David, to be thankful in practice, in action,
Heart, increase in the eeman, stronger faith, fear over the punishment of Allah, reforming our hearts,
Recognize his bounty

Assist ur self , acknowl…

The bleeding of ummah Translate by sheikh alaa

The bleeding of ummah

Translate sheikhalaa

Love one another
Do not quarrel real to enemy in intention to earn victory

Companions who invite people to Islam, in business deling , by carry themselves, lower their gaze, give the cattle food that Allah allows us

U r not enter Jannah if u r not believer
U r not true believer if u r not love one another

The prophet wives Sheikh alaa elsayed

The prophet wives

Sheikh alaa elsayed

Is like we talking to our mother, our mother that we longed to meet

What to wear, what not, show outside is not the inside, protect from jahanam
Somebody thousand miles away,

We are daughter of Khadijah, Aisha's

How was Muhammad as husband

Who is reallyagoodhusband, who really truly the best among us

Khadeeja, Aisha .. Who r them , how best they are, they are best at their time on the occasion

He declared to the world that she is the best

Allahnsend salam special for khadeeja during her life at the end

She is not just the wife of prophet, but mother best friend, everything of him
She look up to rasulullah saw, and look how Allah look into her,
Support him, bring the food, not complaining
Before nd after, after even more than before
Iqra, afraid, zambiluni zaffiruni

Aisha umma abdillah... Give nick name of ur wife

Don't ashamed to declare ur love,

Say that I was blessed with the love

Marriage, exception during prayer,
Every other time is ni…

A road to al kauthar, Sheikh Raheem McCarthy

A road to al kauthar,

Sheik Raheem McCarthy

A very clear, except for the one who refuse

Taqwa, bidaah

Jannah surrounded by difficulty path
Hell surrounded by lust and desire

What stop Muslim from doing zina+++

 Abu hurrairah, taqwa, explain , when to path full of ... How u

Make urself strong, we need to know the nature of the path, how we can stay safe along the path,

We need to get ready the gin and everything,
The best weapon being given by the prophet saw,  the prophet answer

Want to give the most important thing to the companion and ummah
Who ever gonna live from you, u will see a lot of iktilaf, what weapon to face this differences,

Faaalaikumbissunnati, is upon u to follow my sunnah, and the way of sahabah,sunnahkhulafaarrashidin , after me, hold it like in the molar teeth, bite down on it,

Stay away the invented manners
Bidaah, into the religion, every form of the bidaah is going to hell

Look those who make people successful, it is never ever could compare to the sahabah of rasu…

The upper hand -Sheikh sajid umar

The upper hand

Sheikh sajidumar

Man blessed with wealth
Malawi, Islam is revive Muhammad munifnahndi

If there is charitable,
What makes
2011 pass away, the impact was amazing, it come to a stop,
The good spending and act of this person,
The work that he did far amazing, way than any hand  ever seen makes his stories never stop,

New Muslim, build masjid, forum

Play part in easing difficulties of others, it makes me tremble remember

The greatest man who walkin the earth

When he saw this guest coming, he visibly bothered
Guest, people who are poor, poverty

Call out to Muslim and commnd to give sadaqah from their gold silver coins, barley, weeds, even if it half of the date, give it

Give that as we'll

Fear the hell fire even if the half of the date

Allah never let us astray, he give us food and prophet

To teach us where we going,
Most excellent and eloquent in it

He gives us clarity
He provide us content only but context
He come to connect us to the hereafter

Syaitan makes us feel that w…

Madinah, Muazzin madinah


Translate sheikh tawfiquechawdary

The example of the great love of rasulullah saw , during uhud,
Whoever protect me

The mountain of uhud, 900m in width n size
How big is that
If we give charity, it is not even to compare

From them Is made ah, u should know about madinah, why it is lovable place, we should study about it

When the prophet entermadinah, is light the new light that lit up everything, as what Sahaba mention

Lots of dua to madinah, place of rest, dwelling, gentle for us to stay at the place, from his dua also, put double the rewards and blessing in the Makkah

Food of one person will be snuff for two person in madinah

Some of the student are so poor

Madinah is guided by angel by all of the side, protection from dajjal

Madinah is better for them if they knew

Whoever is able to die in madinah, coz I will do intersection for them, all human ameen

Madinah have difficulties, whoever have passion despite the difficulties, prophet will... H

2years and 5mont…