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O Allah, calling for your Name
Calling for your Help
Mayday Mayday

I am speechless
I do not know what I am going to say to myself, to keep me moving.
I am demotivated. It makes me procrastinate.
It makes me helpless
It makes me feel so sad.
I don't even know what am I doing here
In the lab
I should write, but somehow, it didn't feel right
I only have limited time to finish everything, but yet, I didn't

O Allah, do console me,
Help me thru it.
O Allah. i hate myself for behaving like this
I know, it is not the way Mu'min shall handle this kind issue
But somehow, I do it.
I hate procrastination, I hate being lonely, being helpless

O Allah, I know your Mercy your help in undeniablely wonderful
I just love how you gave me the beautiful and wonderful family, All praises belong to You
That always cheers me up
They did come and give their support so that I could write my thesis well.
I just really love them for the sake of U Ya Allah,
Their presence proves that you are the al…


Prince Charming.  I dont wait for any.

i am waiting for someone who ready to help me thru ups and down, together we walk together to jannah, bring our family and friend together in journey to meet Him.

Its kinda hard. seems a BIG mission to be accomplished.

Somehow, because i know, i am not perfect. idont have the pretty face like those out there. So, it's kinda hard to find my partner in crime. ahha. but alhamdulilah, Allah has given me enough and so much more for me to cherish. What else I want? , I am grateful with everything he gave me. ive got eyes that work well, hand and feet that enable me to move around, from one place to another. I still could eat pretty well, Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah. ive got a happy family. By Allah, Thank you Allah for the family and friend that uve provide me. the love from them is surely the sign of ur MERCY.

so, i believe, and have faith, that everything happens are according to what Allah have been decided long before i was created. The #…