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Hamza Namira

sebelum ni minat
sekarang ni minat gile.
erk, bahaya

lagu dye mmg slalu deep. sblum ni minat lagu 

tapi lagu wa ollak eh - sangat memainkan peranan
membuat rase. ish, ape yang dye ckp ni.
sbb tak dak subtitle lagi at that time.
pastu rase, truknye
Oh My Arabs.
and i feels like, i want to sing it together.
but again, my arabs,
eh jap.
sebab ape lagu ni deep
it about the situation happen in Egypt
u will feel the pain onece u heard the song.
u will cry, or feels like crying.
even at that time, i didnt understand a bit, anything that he sang.
seriously, once u know what he sang about, humrp. pedih uolls.
moga Allah menangkan yang Haq, as He knows whats best for The Egyptian,
tabahlah wahai mereka yang berada di tanah EGYPT, tanah barakah, yakinlah Allah akan pelihara seisi mereka yang berada di bumi Nabi Musa menyampaikan syiar Islam

Plasma focus

I think I shall get married. Ahha.


 I am so emotional distorted with my research

It makes me reminisce all my memories back in my degrees, when I find myself stress out due to my study assignment and everything, I just hope that any Prince Charming would come and propose me

Well, I am being delusional before.. And I think I just did it now

I am delusional and I can't stop thinking how I could manage to escape from it... Seriously, plasma focus, please be nice to me,

I don't even know how far I am from u.

I need to marry u plasma focus
I need to understand ur language

Celebrity, today.

The celebrity scholar complex Posted by  Blogger and Muslim activist Mehdi Amir argues that some Muslim scholars have become so famous that it has gone to their heads. Just the way celebrities walk upon red carpets in fame and glory, our scholars do the same; I recently watched a YouTube video of a scholar that left the Global Peace and Unity Event, he walked as slowly as the Queen, waving his hand to all his followers, enjoying the limelight and reaping the benefits of fame. Just the way celebrities are those important people that you want to take a picture with, because you think it will improve your level of importance, scholars too have become the ultimate symbol of religiosity, if you are seen with a scholar you can be sure that your friends will be shouting “MashAllah”. Just the way touching a celebrity is like the biggest thing that can ever happen to you in your life, kissing the hands of scholars has become the pathway to ultimate holiness within the Muslim community. …


Trying to get back on track, biiznillah :)

sometimes, u might think that, why why on earth  that people who said they understand u, but simply, they didnt.

to looks on it, my heart filled with hatred. admit that i am human, al insaaan. i tend to do a lot of mistakes. i tend to do sins. i tend to react according to my emotional, coz at then end of the day. i have my own priority and i have my own thought, well, the decission is on me.

then, i forgot, about the other wonderful things all around me. i forget that i have family that will cheer me up,f lovely friend that miles away from me. the bless of health that i have, the technology that i could use. yes. i am being ungrateful. coz i am insaan. alhamdulillah, Allah send me someone who does give solution to my problem

kak dilin,
i know, u are being send by Allah, to help me, ease me, give me a brilliant ideas to work with, to help me with the 'stressful life' that ive been through for the few days. i am trying to applied all th…