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Creme de la Creme Uthman ibn Affan (R) by Imam Omar Suleiman

i was so affected by this video. Again, ive know about this amazing story of uthman. yes, but everytime i reach how he died, how Rasullah met him in his dream
in the minutes of 25+
it tears me up. seriously, and i was reminded with the verse of Suratul Fajr.

A very beautiful surah. a very beautiful verse which makes me feel so sedih.
Am i among them
ya Allah, please makes me and my family, and my friends as the rest assured soul, and be the people of ur jannah.

Cholesterol Test


I am lost yesterday,
early in the morning went to PK , Pusat Kesihatan UTM
I want to check for my cholestrol, and so and so

so, turn out that
when i met the doctor,
she ask me, whether i am fasting today,
i just eat yogurt just now. if only i know
teruk btul.

so, to day i went for the doctor,
amik darah.
nurse ckp my blood vessel kecik no
she said
budak zaman sekarang, mana buat kerja
ngadap komputer.
tapi dye ckp baik2
cume sentap k. ahha

tangan pun sakit. sebab kene cucuk 2 kali
what actually happen is
tak derla takut nak amki injection
kalo zaman kanak2 riang. darjah1-2 nyorok bawah meja
tapi darjah 6 dah berani da. tak takut, till now

tetibe rase berdebar sangat,
waktu nurse pegang jarum.
takderkla besar sangat, tapi takutnya!!!
huhu, y y y

cucuk2 - tak kuo darah. o my!!!!
kene cucuk kat tempat laen.
pity me.

and, yes, after few hours, dapat result, jumpe DR.
She say, alhamdulillah
my result is okay.
but i need to eat avocado, buah zaitun …


Beneath me, something plays on

i was so so under pressure a day before,
i slept with anger and unsorted things on my mind
i just being depressed.
which why i wrote
"Research that kills me"

i was thinking of not going for Mujahid Training.
well, i couldnt help much. so and so.

but, i kinda
i put something on my wall, written as

"What did u do to serve Allah, today? "
#NAK, Khutbah IIUM

Alhamdulillah, i hardly think of anything
i just say, i need to be there.

alhamdulillah. something good happens

As a gift from ALLAH

Today,, i shall said, way good for me,
i dont really push myself reaaaaly hard.

upon waking in the morning.
i dont even know, shall i go to lab
or studying by my own in my comfort room
and i struggling by the facts of
my drowsiness as soon as i read anything

later that i know,
after having shower, i decided to find a good cloth
that i suddenly wannna wear it.

and, minutes goes by,
i just start ironing
realizing, i am aldy prepared myself to go to my …

Research that kills me

i am trying hard to focus,
but sadly,
i was so trap by myself

drowsiness and everything

i am pushing myself this few days
i am pushing myself real hard
Maybe i could do something extraordinary-real hard
at least i could benefit something

but still, i am getting nowhere
such as,
i read on the paper
with a blank mind

have u heard about the surah that mention,
when u do the sadakah, with shirk on it,
there is no sincerity on it,
and u hurt the ones who receives ur sadakah by all means

in suratul baqarah.

its like, a stone being decorated by magnificient sand
(ahha-metaphore sangat... it just stone with sand on their surface)
and when Allah send heavily rain, it leave the stone by its own
the sand is vanished.nothing more.

thats another story, but what i am trying to say that,
after all these while, i am putting sand on the stone by reading

i come to notice that, the sand slowly dissapear,
its like, i never see any sand anymore

what i read just hour before, seems hardly digest