Rescue Mission

The moment we look into the sky, we would realize how captivating the blue sky is, with the white cotton clouds. Then, we take a small breathe to acknowledge our existence. We open our eyes to witness the greeny trees that soothe our eyes. We hold our hands to notify that, this is reality, and not fantacy. We actually looking into something real, not vague.

In reality, there is so many papers to work with, there's so many issues to deal with, there's so many reports to write for, there's so many drama that you never pay for, and there is you, helpless at the corner of your life, thinking, who am I, what suppose I do with myself.

Often, I keep saying to my very own heart, pull up yourself from the tornado emotion that you created. I guess, at some time, the momentum was too hard, thou it kept turn me upside down. So, I had to fight for myself even harder, trying to figure the best escape plan from the tornado. Calculating the best time and optimum efforts I have to ensure m…

Profiler, profiling

Criminal Minds

This is the only show that really gets me; intellectually and emotionally. It gets me think and understand the human nature, the vast possibilities and abilities human capable of. The psychology of human that unbelievable discover-able. 
The idea of study- the behavior of human can actually help you solve an issues or in this case, murder. The most impact profiling when the crime scene was messy, but the un-sub (Unknown subject of an investigation) was really organized. It definitely contradicts and by only that profiling, they realized, they are looking into the possible copycat unsub or the wrong unsub. Because it is impossible for an organized person to leave a messy crime scene. Because, being organized is somehow a routine that turn into a habit.
In finding the unseb, these agents also had to look into the timeline.  the music the unsub listen should aligned. If they are not, thats mean, this is not the unsub they looking for. 
I love how they, the profiler meticu…


as I was driving my car, suddenly the definition of doctor come across my mind. Teacher comes from the words teach, nurse comes from words nursing. 
Somehow, this makes me wonder? what is the origin words of doctor. Does it have specific definition that really represent the words. So, I look up to my crush, Mr. Google.. and tadaaa
doc·tor Origin

Sambutan Hari Bumi 2017 in IPG, JB

UTM was invited by Jeromi, former president of EVOLTI, Eco Volunteer Temenggung Ibrahim for Sambutan Hari Bumi. This was the first Sambutan Hari Bumi in Institut Perguruan Temenggung Ibrahim, and they planning to do it annually. Last year, they initiate gotong royong perdana and numbers of activities within their campus.

I was very impressed to know they have around 100-200 volunteers to help and enforce the idea of Save nature among 500 students. They have whatsapp group for the volunteers to report any unhealthy activities by the student or lecturer, where they will snap photo and forward to the administration. Definitely, in IPG there's a lot of mata-mata. So, jaga-jaga when u in IPG and congratulations IPG, I was hoping these kinds of volunteers will be in UTM.

Apart from UTM, notable organisations were invited to celebrate the earth day. SAJ, Yayasan Tzu Chi, SW Corp, J-Biotec, Jabatan Alam Sekitar and IPG Lestari were here. SAJ definitely rocks the exhibition where they bri…

Cafe : Overrated or Simply worth it!

ca·fe kaˈfā,kəˈfā/ noun 1. a small restaurant selling light meals and drinks. synonyms:coffee shop, tea room; More
2. NORTH AMERICAN a bar or nightclub.

Some people may prefer library to have their very own time, but not me. I need a place that not that quite and not too noisy. I love to see and observe the nature of human from different walks of life, thus cafe definitely suits me in so many ways.
During my doctoral, i do not really have an income and personally, i never lavish on food. However, i would still choose cafe most of the time. I believe in the power of CHOOSE. Choose your own cafe that suits you, your money, the ambiance.
In UTM vicinity, there are TWO restaurants that close to the Cafe style, which are SDS (Taman Universiti) and Secret Recipe ( Jusco Taman Universiti). I would choose beverages or food. I remember that i will opt for Horfun that cost rm6.80 (at that time), brings my water bottle and stay there for half day to write my thesis. SDS will play evergreen songs that …

My Voyage begins

There is so much more in life.  I am back to explore more on myself, my surroundings and this magical world, There are so much to share and i love to record all my voyage in this blog.
So, holla!!

Forces an object will not change its motion unless a force is applied –Sir Isaac Newton.